India Brown

No more throwing your phone across the room. I’ve got the solution.

You read that right. 

You can stop throwing your phone. Instead, we can create a video marketing strategy that feels authentic, actionable, and achievable. 

We all know that video marketing increases conversions, but it can be really frustrating and time consuming when we don’t have a strategy. 

And the reality is, as a mompreneur, time is limited. We don’t have enough hours in the day. Period. 

Ditch the stress, and take back your time.

Together, we will align your business goals with a video marketing strategy that you can actually implement. 

And BAM! 

Your ideal clients know who you are, what you do, why you’re freaking incredible, and how to hit you up.

I know how frustrating it is…

This is NOT it.

India Brown| Video Sales Letter VIP Day
India Brown| Video Content VIP Day
India Brown| Video Marketing VIP Day

Imagine Having

The strategy that gives what it is supposed to!

India Brown| Video Marketing Strategist

IDK, mama! That sounds too good to be true.

It’s not too good to be true!

My Video VIP Day is specifically designed to set you up with everything you need for stress-free video content creation that converts.

Leave the guesswork behind and get fire content that leaves your ideal client ready to swipe their card. 

Choose Your Path

It’s snap your fingers simple.


Book Your VIP Intensive


Hop on a Kickoff Call


Spend the Day Strategizing with Yours Truly


Implement Strategy with Support

That proof though! 👀



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You have questions.

I’ve got answers.

Although I don’t make any guarantees, our clients have seen their ROI on our VIP days. Video content on a landing or sales page can increase conversions by as much as 80%. People are twice as likely to share video content than any other type of content.

Yes, it really is. Choose which VIP Day you need and a date that works, and I’ll make it happen by close of business.

In my experience, camera confidence comes down to not having a strategy. At the end of your VIP day, you’ll know what tools and equipment to use, the best time to record, what to record and 30 days of support should you have questions as you’re filming.

If you need help with additional video marketing strategy, we can continue working together to build and attract your audience using video. Plus you’ll get a loyal client discount .

No, but it can be purchased for an additional fee.

After the VIP Day, you will receive 30 days of support. This support is to discuss any questions, concerns, hiccups about the work completed during the intensive. This support does not include additional revisions that exceed what was completed during the VIP Strategy Day. If additional work is needed, you’ll have the option to book an additional half-or full-day intensive or a retainer.

Ready for an incredible video marketing strategy that will outshine your competition and light your community up?

Book your VIP day today.

And don’t wait too long! 

I have a limited number of VIP Days each month, and you need time to implement the strategy as you launch your marketing campaign.